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Nicola Peltz’s Fashion Style – 2016 [ Justin Bieber’s Ex Girlfriend ]

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Adele Set To Release New Album In September

Typical artists announce the arrival of a new album through official channels. Whether it’s by making the announcement on social media, through their agent, through their record company, by a press release or even in the middle of a concert, musicians generally let fans know new music is coming generally all at the same time. In Adele’s case though, she made the announcement at a wedding she officiated over the weekend.

Over the weekend Adele officiated a wedding between friends, and at one point during the evening she told guests to “Expect my album in September.” The revelation was caught on video and posted across social media. The 31 year old singer also took time to sing a few songs, including her hit Rolling in the Deep. The singer’s last album was the award winning 25, back in 2015, after shooting to fame in 2011 with the release of her album 21. Since then she’s only released one single, the theme to the James Bond film Skyfall. 

Adele last spoke about a new album back in May of last year on social media during her 31st birthday, but nothing has been mentioned since. She hasn’t even commented on what she said over the weekend yet either, although her rep is probably preparing a statement. Her manager, Jonathan Dickins, told Music Week last month that a new album would be coming later this year though. 

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The Conners Is The Latest TV Show To Air Live

As cable TV shows continually try to find new ways to attract viewers away from streaming sites, The Conners decided last night to do something that is very rarely done for scripted TV shows; air the episode live. In the past soap operas, including As The World Turns and The Edge Of Night, were aired live, but even they stopped doing it in 1975.  New episode of shows like Saturday Night Live are of course live as well, but very rarely do you see any type of scripted show do it. And when they do, the actors typically perform the episode twice, once for the East Coast and once for the West. The Conners were the first show to do it since Undateable did it for their entire third season from October 2015 to January 2016.

The Conners live show went off without a hitch, and the only real difference between the east and west coast versions was the use of the New Hampshire Primary. One episode had Bernie Sanders winning the primary, and the other said he won it, both based on what was going on at that moment. The story on the other hand was unaffected, and it, and the script, for the most part stayed the same. In the coming days fans will surely go over both versions though, looking for bloopers and mess ups.

Live scripted television isn’t anything new, but several shows in the past have done it as a gimmick to draw viewers in. Gimme A Break did it in 1985, while ER attracted a much larger audience when they tried it back in 1997. The Drew Carey Show famously did it once a year for three straight seasons in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Even The West Wing jumped on board for a live debate episode in 2005.  Most of the shows tie into other live events as well to show they are actually live, such as the primary the Conners tuned into, or a live sporting event. This of course is to show that there is no way the episode could be taped beforehand and presented as live, when it’s really not. 

So what’s the attraction to live episodes? Networks know people will tune in to see the shows, even if they don’t usually follow them, because they hope to see something they have never seen before, such as actors slipping out of character for even a split second or even messing up. The fact of the matter is though, the actors are professionals, and most have had some experience performing on stage, so they are used to being live. Sure there will be the odd slip-ups, but the actors are professional enough to know they need to carry on. This of course means that any errors will be few and far between, and in most cases, nobody but the writers will know the difference. And when fans re-watch the episode later on, even they won’t be able to tell the difference. At least not where it matters.

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Kirk Douglas’ Best Films

Cleft-chinned movie tough-guy Kirk Douglas passed away yesterday at the age of 103. The popular actor was just as tough in real-life, surviving a stroke in 1996 at the age of 80 that left him with slurred speech and damaged facial nerves. He continued making public appearances though, including two weeks later at the Academy Awards where he received a lifetime achievement award. The actor leaves behind a legacy of films in Hollywood that showcase a wonderful career. Here are some of our favourites.

Spartacus: While Douglas may have had bigger roles in his career, perhaps one of his best-known  was playing the Roman slave who led a revolt against the Republic. Acting alongside such legendary stars as Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, Charles Laughton and Peter Ustinov, Douglas showed he was no slouch and could perform with the best of them.

Champion: Douglas was nominated for three Oscars over the course of his career, and the first of them came in this 1949 film where he played ruthless boxer Midge Kelly who rose to fame by stepping on anyone in his way. It was a powerful performance that stands as one of his very best.

Tough Guys: Douglas starred in this film with his longtime friend Burt Lancaster, and in it they played a pair of elderly gangsters who had a hard time fitting in after being released from a long term prison sentence. While known for playing tough guys throughout his career, Douglas also had a strong sense of humor which he displayed in this 1986 film.

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers: The first film of Douglas’ career came in this 1946 Barbara Stanwyck-led film. He was suggested for the part by an acting school classmate by the name of Betty Joan Perske, who later changed her name to Lauren Bacall. In it Douglas played the part of Stanwyck’s husband.

Lust For Life: Douglas had stated that his favourite role was playing Vincent Van Gogh in this 1956 film that explored the famed artist’s tortured life. It was the last time Douglas would be nominated for an Academy Award, and it is arguably his best performance of his career. 

Lonely Are The Brave: Throughout his career, Douglas played many roles, but he played that of a cowboy more than any. In this one he plays a man who gets himself locked up in prison on purpose in order to help a friend escape, and when he discovers his friend doesn’t want to be freed, he breaks out on his own and is forced to evade the law.

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